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Data Logger RADIO


Product description:

GSM/GPRS Data Logger RADIO is a universal device used for accurate and cost-effective measurement applications. Thanks to the various configurable inputs of current, voltage, pulse or SDI-12 signal, the logger supports the majority of the most popular sensors available on the market.

The device has been designed for wide use in meteorological, agricultural, hydrological and industry related installations where precision, reliability and easy data access are key factors. Constant data transmission in 1 or 10 minute intervals is ensured by a built-in GSM/GPRS modem. All measurements are accessible through the intuitive web based Data Analysis System.

Parameter to be measured:

humidity, temperature, water level, rainfall, soil moisture, wind speed, wind direction and other


4 configurable inputs with voltage (0-3V, 0-10V), current (0-20mA), pulse type signal and 4 inputs with SDI-12 signal type


Waterproof and dust tight enclosure made of polycarbon. Sutable for outdoor installation.

Power supply - 5–35V DC input from external primary or rechargeable batteries, external DC power supply, or regulated solar panel Build-in GSM 2G modem with standard antenna. 1 minute and 10 minute data sending intervals. Monitoring of 4 additional technical parameters: main power voltage, backup battery voltage, internal temperature and GSM signal strength. 
 Internal memory backup for min. 30 days depending on the no. of sensors. Dedicated on-line system for data view, storage and download. Customized alarms. Dedicated PC application for logger setup and backup data download.


GSM/GPRS data transmission in1 or 10 minute intervals 4 fully configurable inputs (0-3V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, pulse counter) SDI-12 input for up to 4 additional sensors One second data sampling High accuracy analog measurements Inlogger battery backup ensure fail-safe operation Web-based system for data visualization User configurable alarms Offline software for configuration and diagnostics



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