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Parameter to be measured:

Flow velocity (, discharge)


ultrasonic reflectogram cross-correlation


  • probe
  • display unit
  • wading rod


  • on-site discharge computation
  • powerful quality checking, configuration and data storage options
  • integrated depth measurement and sensor positioning indicator
  • convenient software with visualisation capabilities
  • USB (no serial port required)
  • rechargable via USB


  • heavy rods with coarse scale
  • test device showed signs of rainwater entering the display
  • built-in batteries, cannot be changed by user

What to watch out for:

  • turbulent flow can cause the device to reject the measurements. Newer versions of the firmware provide (apart form additional quality check features) options to control that - look for new versions on the OTT-website
  • back pain (when adjusting depth of the probe free-hanging) - use sliding rod or makeshift additional support for holding the rod
  • the wall charger seems to use more than 12 V put on a standard mini-USB plug - rather don't try to charge standard devices with that power supply!


Discharge - comparison of measurements (C2, Flowtracker, Flowsens, ADC, tracer, dipping rod)

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