Electric conductivity - WTW cond340i

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EC meter
EC probe


Parameter to be measured:

Electric conductivity (EC)


handheld EC meter


WTW cond 340i


  • 800 measurements can be stored and later downloaded
  • you can choose the temporal resolution of automatic measurements
  • can also be installed in the field and log continuously for several days (depending on the chosen temporal resolution)


Sometimes the connection between laptop and EC meter fails before or while downloading the data and a number of datasets is not transmitted. Uninstalling AND re-installation of the software or downloading 2 or 3 times ensures that you have the complete dataset on your computer (but you might need to combine the files). Functions like configuring and starting the logging need awkward key-combinations that are hard to remember.

What to watch out for:

see disadvantages If you want 5 sec logging interval, choose >> 5 '' <<, not >> 5 ' <<. Obvious you think? So did we. Several times.

the cell constant has to be recalibrated periodically



Projects that used the above equipment:

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