Machuqueira do Grou Experimental Plot

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Located in a private property near Coruche, Portugal (39°08′ 18.29′′N, 8° 19′ 57.68′′W).

Catchment size


Climate is semi-arid, with strong seasonality in precipitation and temperatures.

Average monthly precipitation in Machuqueira do Grou



Aerial view of the corkoak stand in June 2014

Vegetation/Land use

Mixed land use. Corkoaks are used for cork extraction. Understorey is used for pasture or recreational hunting.

Context of investigation

The experimental plot was initiated by the University of Lisbon, Centre of Forest Ecology. Most of the monitoring is focused on vertical carbon exchanges. As a by-product, a lot of hydrological variables have been monitored. The University of Potsdam is now investigating the understorey evapotranspiration in this stand. The objective is to understand the different stability regimes affecting the vertical transport of latent heat in different forest densities.


Eddy covariance tower 2 complete bowen ratio meteorological stations (soil heat flux, 4 component radiometer, wind velocity at different heights, soil moisture, psychrometry at different heights) 2 simplified micrometeorological stations (soil heat flux, 2 component radiometer, wind velocity, soil moisture) Sapflow measurements Monthly field spectrometry of leafs, grasses and shrubs

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