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Parameter to be measured:

Soil moisture


3He neutron detector counts cosmic-ray neutrons. Cosmic-ray neutron count is converted to soil moisture via a calibrated relationship.



A rough guideline on the calibration procedure can be found here: File:CosmicCalibration.pdf


Measurement of average soil moisture for a spatial scale of 300 m radius around the measurement device, averaged over depth of several decimetres.


Under wet conditions the measurement depth decreases, from 80 cm in dry soils to 10 cm in wet soils. Water bodies (lakes, storage ponds) influence the signal. Biomass growth influences the signal.

What to watch out for:

1) Variability of penetration depth due to changes of mean areal soil moisture in the cosmic-ray footprint.
2) Possible site-specific fitting parameters of equation for soil moisture estimation. This is due to changes of conditions involved on neutron transport.
3) Watch out for significant fluctuations of incoming high-energy cosmic rays.



11.500 US$ (2010)


Projects that used the above equipment:

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