Soil moisture/Electric Conductivity - FDR (WET Sensor)

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Parameter to be measured:

  • Soil moisture, permittivity
  • Indirect measurement of electric conductivity of pore water
  • Temperature


Frequency Domain Sensor


  • Delta-T Device: WET Sensor with 3 rods of 600 mm length, HH2 display for manual reading or a data logger


  • easy and fast measurement of punctual soil moisture and electric conductivity of soil pore water
  • manual as well as continuously logged measurements possible


  • Each sensor has to be calibrated
  • careful application of probe in stony soils
  • Underestimating of permitivity in media with low permitivity (ε > 40, clay and organic soils)
  • unaccurate values in saturated media

What to watch out for:

  • Good contact between probe and medium has to be proved



Other related web sites:

Delta-T Devices


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