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January 2007: First test version of the Experimental Hydrology Wiki is online.

February 2007: The Experimental Hydrology Wiki is presented at the Hydroschool in Luxemburg.

March 6th 2007: The Experimental Hydrology Wiki has moved to www.experimental-hydrology.net!

March 23rd 2007: The Community Portal was set up. Check it out and feel free to post announcements, job offers, suggestions for the wiki.

April 2007: The Wiki was presented at the EGU-Meeting in Vienna in the session "Experimental River Basins".

April 2008: Wiki T-Shirts have been printed! They are used for advertising campaigns for example at the EGU Meeting in Vienna.

December 2008: The Experimental Hydrology Wiki will be presented at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

January 2009: The Experimental Hydrology Wiki is mentioned in Nature! Check it out here: Nature 457, 128; 8 January 2009

April 2009: A new round of Wiki T-Shirts was distributed at the EGU Meeting in Vienna

Juli 2009: A category on "Wireless sensor networks" was added to the Wiki

December 2009: Check out the experimental "MacGyver-Session" at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco: Unusual Hydrological Experiments Under Financial Constraints (abstracts are due September 3rd)

December 2009: the "MacGyver-Session" at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco was a lot of fun and attracted a large crowd of interested people. Check out some of the presented equipment in this article in wired science

April 2011: EGU 2011

EGU 2012 General Assembly 22-27 April

AGU 2012 General Assembly 3-7 December