Weißeritz catchment

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Map of the catchment area with meteorological stations and the gauging stations of the headwaters.
Raised bog of Georgenfeld in the head water of the Weisseritz
Measurment of throughfall in the Becherbach
Meteorological station close to Rehefeld
Rock formation at mount Pramenac
Dye tracer experiment
TDR in annoying soil
Pipe flow at the food of mount Hemmschuh close to Rehefeld



Eastern Ore Mountains, Czech Republic/Saxony Germany

Catchment size

360km² at the gauge Dresden, Wilde Weißeritz at the gauge Ammelsdorf 49 km² and at the gauge Rehefeld 16 km²


humid - temperate, annual precipitation in the upper part approximately 1,000 mm


Soils in the upper part of the catchment are dominated by Cambisoils and Podsols on periglacial covering layers. Substrate is loamy with a high content of gravel. The parent rock consists of Phylite and Gneis.


Mid moutain area, elevation 300 - 920 m a.s.l.

Vegetation/Land use

The catchment is dominated by forests (mainly spruce), arable land and pasture. In the upper part can be found raised bog, but they are mainly drained.

Context of investigation

  • Identification of hydrological processes
  • Flood forecasting
  • climate change


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