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AIC TensiometerAiuaba Experimental Basin, Brazil
Boat equipment, electric motorCatchmentTemplateClimatic measurements
Creating articlesCurrent eventsData Logger - DL2e (Delta T)
Data Logger - EM50 (Decagon)Data Logger RADIO - GSM/GPRS modemDischarge - ADCP (SonTek RiverSurveyor)
Discharge - ADCP comparisonDischarge - Current meter Ott C2Discharge - Ott ADC
Discharge - Velocity profiler (Sontek IQ)Discharge - comparison of measurements (C2, Flowtracker, Flowsens, ADC, tracer, dipping rod)
Discharge - dipping rod according to JensDischarge - electromagnetic flowmeter FlowSensDischarge - stage and suerfacce velocity (RQ-24)
Discharge - tracer (Sommer MFT-2)Discharge - tracer (Sommer TQ-System)Discharge - ultrasonic Doppler FlowTracker
Discharge uncertaintyDischarge uncertainty (ADCP, ADV, LSPIV)Dürreych experimental catchment
Electric conductivity - LF 39Electric conductivity - WTW 3310Electric conductivity - WTW cond340i
EquipmentTemplateEvapotranspiration (Bowen Ratio) - PsychrometerForest Floor Interception
HJ Andrews Experimental ForestHOAL Petzenkirchen
Hoellensteinbach headwater catchmentHuewelerbach catchment LuxembourgHydraulic Conductivity - Amoozemeter
HydroGeoEcological Observatory Ésera-Isábena (Spain)Hühnerwasser / Chicken Creek CatchmentHütelmoor catchment
Infiltration - Hood InfiltrometerInterceptionKolyma Water-Balance Station
Krycklan Catchment StudyMachuqueira do Grou Experimental PlotMaimai Experimental Watershed
Main CategoriesMain PageMalalcahuello Catchment
Multiparameter probe for water quality measurement - DS5 OTTNa Borges River CatchmentNet Radiation - Net Radiometer (NR-Lite)
Noordplas Polder - NetherlandsNyong River Basin CameroonPanola Mountain Research Watershed
Plynlimon experimental catchments, Wales UKRadon detection - RAD7Rainfall - Tipping bucket (Davis/Hobo)
Rainfall interpolation uncertaintyRainfall point measurement uncertaintyRainfall radar and satellite uncertainty
Rietholzbach Research Catchment, SwitzerlandRio Vauz catchmentSa Font de la Vila Catchment
Sanaga River basin CameroonSant Miquel CatchmentSchäfertal Catchment
SnowSnow height - Temperature measurementSnow height - ultra sonic sensor
Snow weight - snow pillowSoil Moisture - Cosmic-Ray Soil Moisture Probe Hydroinnova
Soil matric potential - tensiometer (T4)Soil matric potential - tensiometer (T5)Soil moisture
Soil moisture/Electric Conductivity - FDR (WET Sensor)Soil moisture - AquaproSoil moisture - FDR (profile probe)
Soil moisture - Frequency domain (SMT100)Soil moisture - TDR (HydroSense)Soil moisture - TDR (TRIME tube access probe)
Soil moisture - capacitance (5TE Decagon)Soil moisture - capacitance (EC-10)Soil moisture - capacitance (HS10 Decagon)
Soil moisture - capacitance (TMS)Soil moisture - impedance method (Theta Probe)Soil moisture Impedance-method (Hydra Probe II)
Stage measurement uncertaintySulmachun watershed South KoreaSuspended solids uncertainty
Temperature - Hobo TidbiT temperature data loggerTemperature - Hobo pendant temperature loggerTenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest (TCEF)
The "Things that went wrong"-Story of the MonthTopography - Laser Rangefinder TruPulse 360B
Topography - Terrestrial Laser Scanner Riegl VZ-400Topography - Terrestrial Laser Scanner Trimble GXWalnut Gulch Experimental Watershed
Water depth - echo sounder (Fahrentholz)Water level/Electric conductivity -OTT CTD
Water level (maximum) – inky tape methodWater level - capacitive (Odyssey)Water level - capacitive (Trutrack)
Water level - shaft encoder (Thalimedes)Water quality uncertainty (nitrogen)Water quality uncertainty (phosphorus)
Weierbach catchment LuxembourgWeiherbach CatchmentWeir (Thomson Weir / V notch sharp crested weir)
Weißeritz catchmentWireless sensor network - DecagonWireless sensor network - Smilenet
Wireless sensor network - SoilNetWireless sensor network - ambientWireless sensor network - eKo
Wüstebach long-term experimental catchment
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