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Experimental Hydrology Wiki


Why do we need an Experimental Hydrology Wiki?

It will help us to learn about, recommend, question and discuss new / established / basic / advanced methods of experimental hydrology.

  • It will help us to avoid reinventing the wheel each time we start out measuring something we haven't measured before.
  • It will help us not to make the same mistakes others have made before us.
  • It will help us to share new ideas and concepts.
  • It will help us to find the methodology and the equipment suitable for our investigation.

All experimental hydrologists are welcome to contribute with their knowledge and experience!

This can be done either by writing a new article or contributing to an existing article or by answering somebody's questions at the Hydro help desk.

Creating a new article

To write an article on a new topic (so far not included in the wiki), type the title of the article in the box below and click "Create article". You must confirm your e-mail address before creating or editing pages for the first time. Please set and validate your e-mail address through your user preferences.

As title please use the parameter to be measured as well as the measurement principle, eg. "Soil moisture - TDR" or "Water level - pressure transducer".

If there are likely to be more than one sensor of that type please also include the name of the sensor or of the company, eg. "Soil moisture - TDR (name)".

Templates for articles on equipment or experimental catchments can be found here: Templates.

Posting questions

If you have a qestion you cannot find an answer to in the wiki articles or discussions, go to the Hydro help desk.

Links to other water related wikis

  • Water Wiki - focussing on water resources and decision making